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Tiger Woods Owes Us Nothing

By Jason Adamowicz On April - 5 - 2010

Hopefully we've reached the pinnacle of the absurdness that is The Tiger Woods Scandal.  Back in February, I stated Tiger doesn't owe us anything ( read A Message To Tiger , in case you missed it).

Since then, everyone under the sun has weighed in on what Tiger needs to say or do.  Even Arnold Palmer urged Tiger to open up.  I have one question to those who believe Eldrick should be an open book for all to read: Why?

Let me debunk some of the reasoning held by those that believe Tiger owes us an explanation.

The Public Figure Law

This is a fan favorite.  Stop and think about this for a second.  An individual has the ability, chooses to excel at a sport or game, so therefor every detail of his personal life is fair game for the entire planet?  It just doesn't add up for me.

Think about the worst thing you have ever done.  Then tell me if you feel it is necessary to explain yourself to complete strangers.

Tiger Sold Us On Something He Is Not

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