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I'm almost certainly in the minority when I say this—most people probably wanted juicier details, a clearer confession of wrongdoing, or at the very least, not to be told off—but I thought Tiger Woods' remarks regarding his wrongdoing were extremely important, spot-on statements on the challenges of modern media.

Didn't he make you feel a touch guilty for Googling what you've Googled for the past five days? Jaimee Grubbs pictures, Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods, famous celebrity transgressions (and for some of you, definition of transgression).

We get one shot on this earth, and we fill it with this?

I've actually never liked Tiger Woods, as a golfer or as a person. I played golf in high school, but never cared about the sport enough to admire or even be jealous of the guy.

I thought the statements he made to people on how much money he pulls down made him arrogant. I rooted against him in tournaments, but that's because I've always been one of those guys who roots for underdogs.

Now he is the underdog. And he ...

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