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Who do Craig Parry, Jesper Parnevik, and all the arm-chair hanging judges think they are? Let the ones without sin cast the first stones, we are all humans who are not infallible. The Babe, Air Jordan, and Kobe were/are no saints either!

The fact of the matter is that the public willingly places Tiger and other "non-public figures" on pedestals because of the immense admiration for their stunning professional achievements, not for their personal virtues.

They did not ask or necessarily want to be role models, as our elected political leaders should, but too often do not, nor did they offer certain guaranteed virtues the public wish for! What public whippings were administered to Presidents FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, and Clinton for their decades-long infidelity?

This is a private Woods-family problem. If the public want to ostracize Tiger, it's simple: do not watch him play golf anymore. But then the PGA Tour's prize money would free fall, and out of shape “Joe-Average Has-Beens” (e.g., Parry: two non-major PGA wins from 1992 to 2006) would not be able to afford to live the same high-life just down the r...

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