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Once upon a time sports were a respite for me from the everyday ills of society—rough day at work, depressing news, my Washington Redskins losing again.

I could count on sports to entertain and inform me about, well, sports.

Unfortunately now, sports channels are following the MTV model for entertainment and dealing less and less with what their name implies.

The Tiger Woods scandal (I'm still waiting for someone to call it "Woodsgate") is the most recent manifestation of media blurring the lines between something that is news and not.

It isn't just sports radio, which I was hardly able to listen to the last few days due the incessant complaining about Tiger's apology to everyone, it is ESPN, Sports Illustrated and just about every other sports outlet.

For at least three days, the breaking news flashes dealt with the latest in the Tiger Woods story. Announcers berated Woods for his apology not being sincere enough, like he somehow cheated on them.

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