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Tiger’s “Transgression”: A Wake Up Call for Fans

By Jose Salviati On December - 3 - 2009

Why are we so shocked?

Why do we continue to pretend this couldn't happen to him (replace him with any professional athlete of your choice).

Why do we continue to expect anything different from any one individual given more money than God?

Biblically, money is the root of all evil.  Historically, money is an aphrodisiac that blinds the senses and self-control of 99.9 percent of those who obtain it in bunches.

Combine those qualities with a natural bent in all humans to grow disatisfied over time with any one thing and you have a recipe for failure.  The "grass is always greener" syndrome rings more true in Tiger Woods case than it ever has before.

Have you seen Elin Woods?

That wasn't enough for you Tiger?

There are a few truths to glean from what Tiger classifies as his "transgression" and "personal sin."  Monogamy is hard work made all the more difficult when you mix the lure of power money brings.  The grass is indeed always greener, but it is rarely worth the climb over the fence to get to it.

What drives a man with the power of...

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