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Tiger looks worse after the latest interviews. It’s just more controlling the situation with ESPN and Golf Channel. He would only talk for five minutes. The interview couldn’t air until 7:30 p.m. He had to be standing really close to the interviewer. He would only reply to questions beginning with a prime number. The whole act is just wearing thin.

Just zip it until your first Masters round, Eldrick. There are no more answers here. Tiger is just spewing psychobabble now. He said he did some really bad things but won’t say what.

The problem here is he already looked and sounded insincere in his press conference without taking questions. So when he dodges questions now, it just confirms that he’s insincere.

It’s like he has a checklist for contrition, so he mailed in a quickie one-on-one to check that off the checklist. Now he can say, “Hey, I did my interviews, I’m not doing any more.”

On a sidenote, what’s up with Tom Rinaldi? He was the ESPN interviewer. He’s the guy that usually has a piano or pan flute playing during his features. And Sunday, he put extra cheese on the end...

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