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Top 10 Entertainers of the Sports World

By Colin Means On July - 7 - 2009

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We all love guys like Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Steve Carell, and all the others who never fail to bring us entertainment.

While athletes are often given the stereotype of being deadbeats when outside of the sports world, there are always athletes out there bringing us entertainment in another form.

There are many professional athletes who attempt to be more than their title poses. Some guys succeed, and some fail, although sometimes we can’t help but laugh at the ones who epically fail.

Sure, some may be annoying, but they still add a certain zest to the sports community and throw a little twist into SportsCenter every now and then.

I’ve come up with a list of the top 10 entertainers of the sports world. Whether they make you laugh or make you want to bang your head on the table, or maybe even both, they are entertaining nonetheless.

Note that this list includes current figures in the sports world, not meaning only active players, but people still involved in the sports world. 

Also, headlining stories involving conflict with the law are not considered entertainment on this list (Sorry Pacman and the other guy, I think you know who I’m referring too).


10. Lane Kiffin: College Football, head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers 

After getting fired as head coach of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders by the infamous Al Davis, Kiffin wasted no time getting himself and Tennessee back on the national news. 

Cocky to say the least, Kiffin is not afraid to speak his mind, whatever the subject may be.


9. Warren Sapp: NFL, retired

Whether on or off the field, you can always count on Sapp to run his mouth. 

Sapp definitely has an entertaining personality, and his actions do not take away from that.


8. Mark Cuban: NBA Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Besides being an American billionaire entrepreneur, Cuban certainly provides some entertaining rants, quotes, dancing, and feuds, with the latest concerning his remarks to the mother of Denver Nuggets player Kenyon Martin.


7. Terrell Owens: NFL, Buffalo Bills

TO always voices his opinion. Always. 

Last season, he said he thought his own quarterback and tight end were secretly concocting their own plays so that they can exclude TO. 

Tired of the current soap operas on TV? Tune into Buffalo next season, the new home of this always “entertaining” wideout.


6. Ron Artest: NBA, Los Angeles Lakers

Ron Artest has always been one of the most entertaining characters of the NBA, from his flamboyant hairstyles to making his own rap CD. 

You may remember the brawl between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons, where Artest had a key role.


5. John McEnroe : Tennis, retired

John McEnroe is known for being an excellent tennis player, but is maybe remembered just as much for being a guy who threw many outrageous tantrums. 


4. John Daly: Golf

Daly is the most intriguing figure in golf. 
Known for his sometimes ravishing lifestyle, alcohol and gambling problems, and his carefree approach towards the media, Daly is one of the most unpredictable figures in sports. 
3. Chad Ochocinco: NFL, Cincinnati Bengals

Chad Johnson, ahem, Ochocinco. 

You either love him or you hate him. 

Either way, he never falls short in providing some sort of entertainment, quality or not. 


2. Charles Barkley: NBA, retired

Whether he was attacking an opponent or even an opponent’s mascot, Sir Charles always provided that quality entertainment.


1. Shaquille O’Neal: NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers

Superman. Big Daddy. The Diesel. The Big Aristotle. 

The nicknames are seemingly endless for Shaq, as are his insightful quotes and playful interviews. 

From dancing with the JabbaWockeeZ to challenging LeBron James to an intros competition, Shaq rounds out this top 10 list at No. 1.

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