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Top 11 Go-To Moves for White Athletes

By Alex Akita On January - 7 - 2010

White people. Gotta love them for trying. They may not be the most athletic race, but they find ways to make it work.

And usually in making it work, they employ an exclusive set of moves that have the rest of us scratching our heads, trying better to understand what the hell is going on.

No, these moves might not be graceful, or even practical. But they work, and that’s what really counts.

Today, we bring you 11 of the greatest go-to moves ever employed by the white athlete. Because this much effort shouldn’t go unrecognized.


11. The Submarine Delivery

Sport designed for: Baseball

Patented by: Dan Quisenberry, Chad Bradford, Kent Tekulve, etc.

An exotic motion performed by the least exotic of ethnic beings, The Submarine Delivery is akin to the Technicolor transformation of hue undertaken by the chameleon. You don’t expect to see it, and when you do see it, it’s freaky.

Masters of The Submarine Delivery tend to possess less-than-adequate fastballs, less-than-adequate endurance, and less-than-adequate cool genes.

They appear in short, underwhelming s...

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