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Celebrities live way too well. They roll in the dough, do whatever they please, and only a sex scandal can bring them down. They apparently can even come out in public with blue hair and a gap tooth, and no one hassles them. America’s star-centric culture makes celebrities more visible at sporting events than the hockey puck or baseball itself. It’s a shock Mario Lopez doesn’t pop out of nowhere when I turn on ESPN. Many of these celebrities like sports the way Rex Ryan likes dieting. They get to fulfill every die-hard sports fan’s dream of sitting next to his favorite player, yet they don’t even know what sport they are watching. It makes fans crazier than a Ron Artest postgame news conference. However, there is a rare breed of celebrity. These are the people who grew up with the teams, go to every game, and give a primal scream nearly every play. This list is for those celebs. Not the ones who know more about what’s on the Oprah Winfrey Network than what is going on in front of them, but the ones who fans everywhere should be proud to have on their sidelines. Sadly, if Oprah is in your stadium, she IS the sideline.

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