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Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Sports Fans

By Greg Riot On November - 9 - 2009

They’re PHAT: Pretty Hot and Tempting

While diehard sports fans spanning the globe likely watch their favorite sports first and foremost because of their love for the game. But taking in a little ‘eye-candy’ every now and then has never hurt anyone.

C’mon fellas, we all know that a close-up shot of a scorching-hot babe sitting court-side is a bonus every time. Then reality kicks back in and you have absolutely no shot of reaching first base with whatever ‘hottie’ was just shown on the tube.

Still, a little fantasizing can go a long way and is just an added bonus of watching sports, especially in HD.Besides that, it's always interesting to see what the celebs will do on camera and who they will show up with.Who know, they might make it into the next entertainment betting props.

With that in mind, let me break down my top 10 hottest celebrity sports fans.

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