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Traditional Sports Media Outlets Dead?

By JoeSportsFan On July - 22 - 2009

Most of you who read JoeSportsFan know that I like to write about extremely stupid stuff—especially my 5 Ms of mustaches, midgets, monkey, mullets and Mr. T.

Today, I bring you a more thoughtful post than I would normally offer. This one about sports media—both old and new.

I’ll start with when I woke up Wednesday morning after a night fraught with 12 PBRs. I came downstairs, walked outside, and picked up this thing the young people today call a “newspaper.”

It was kind of an ashy white with black lettering—some in bold typeface and some not. It had color photos of people who looked like they were unhappy or sweating a lot while they consumed vast quantities of pork products. Interesting, novel.

Like the rest of you, I’m a sports fan and I found this section called “SPORTS.”

I read this black typeface that was in bold and had a photo of a joyless guy. His name was Bryan Burwell, and his headline read, “Steelers QB l...

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