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On Tuesday, the NFL did not play its first rescheduled game. Almost every other year, some sort of damage is done to the infrastructure of this stadium or that which makes the wizards behind the scheduling move things around. When the Vikings were told they'd have to wait around for a few extra days before they could chase Michael Vick around, it wasn't because something was wrong with the stadium. Something was wrong with the weather.

Or was it? In this day and age, technology's impact is changing not only the way games are played, but how they're viewed, also. Let popular television manufacturers tell it, buying one of their sets and watching the game in a pair of their funky glasses is exactly like being at the game in question. Doubtful that's the case, but team owners like Zygi Wilf will be competing with the phenomenon that is spreading among fans (which is to say their opinions matter). Buying an open-air stadium might garner more support from fans that believe in the elements being not only part of the Vikes' home-field advantage, but also closer to the essence of the game that they pl...

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