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In a lot of ways, UFC 100 was like a big neighborhood block party. People of all types stopped by and a lot of familiar friends had a great time catching up and enjoying the culmination of the build for the largest-pushed, largest-promoted, and most-written-about MMA event we've ever seen.

But then, those people from a couple streets away dropped by as they had heard about our parties before and wanted to see what the commotion was all about. Ultimately, though, most of them decided that our street and its inhabitants weren't up to their standards and left, acting snooty and indignant as they drove away to the safety of their country club world.

(Meanwhile, we were all having a great time and walking around with lampshades on our heads with no pants on. That might have just been me, though.)

Saturday night's massive production in Las Vegas was destined to be THE event that brought in the mainstream fans and media and enticed them to stay in our lil' MMA neighborhood for good—the same sprawling and thriving block that was once filled with dilapidated houses and left for demolition.

But the Sunday after UFC 100—when the rest ...

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