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Up, Down, Left, Right: Perspectives of Jim Otto Are Always Good

By Damali Binta Yael On February - 21 - 2010

How many people can say that their name is a representation of their life in some way? Let’s look at Jim Otto’s last name: OTTO.

If you read his name from left to right, it spells OTTO. It is a palindrome so if you read it from right to left it still spells OTTO.

If you reflect (flip) the name with respect to the x axis, it still spells OTTO. And, if you flip the name in the vertical direction, or y axis, it still spells OTTO.

Well, John Madden’s Foreword in the book, The Pain of Glory, written by Otto and Dave Newhouse, says something similar.

Madden says of Otto, “His skills as a center were just perfect.”

Otto had the quality of “symmetry.” In a basic math class if a = b, then b = a.

Similarly, it is said of Otto, “He was a big part of the
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