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After 18 years of existence, I have stumbled upon an epiphany: I will never be able to dunk a basketball. Sure, I might be able to throw down a 360 tomahawk in the pool, but when it comes to the actual hardwood, I know I will never feel the gratification of dunking over a short guy and then screaming at the top of my lungs a la Kevin Garnett. However, the following ten players can dunk. But not only can they dunk, they can do it extraordinarily well. In fact, they can do it so well that for many of them, one slam dunk has become the epitome of their career. They have become YouTube legends and streetball sensations, but most of them have remained anonymous. Although you may have never heard of them, they have produced some of the greatest dunk in basketball history. Here are the Top 10 Greatest Dunk by Players You've Never Heard of.

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