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What A Decade? Part One: For the Love of Sports

By Kate Conroy On December - 28 - 2009
Looking back on the last 10 years, you forget how much has happened that is now a part of sports history. What accomplishments or events did fans' get to watch that will never be forgotten? It seems that athletes off the field antics caused most of the buzz, a few examples being Michael Vick, Jason Williams, Roger Clemens, Plaxico Buress, A-rod and the latest being the destruction of Tiger-mania. Sometimes a reminder that the athlete did not fail to impress in any way; it was the trademark of the athlete that took the greatest hit since the start of the century in 2000. In Part One of What A Decade, let's remember the real athletic achievements that happened only on the court, field, course, at the pool etc. The marks made that have changed the sports world for good. To capture the essence of the years of 2000 to the present, I asked friends and family to help out. The question was straightforward, "What's the top, within this past decade, sporting event that stands-out in your mind? One, that will never be forgotten because its impact was so great?" In no order, here's the top answers, along with videos of the memories:

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