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What Do We Really Cheer For In Sports?

By Tom McLean On August - 2 - 2009

There are thousands of these people.  Some are dressed for the occasion, and some are dressed in absurd outfits that make us wonder.  These people are lovingly called fans.  Fans are the only consistent factor that exists amongst all sports.  They scream and cheer, sometimes with a slight prayer in between, for the teams or people that they love or respect.  

But it seems that everyone has a different reason to cheer for their favorite athlete or team.  Whether justified by the Court of Tom, everyone has their reason and the tend to stick to it.  Why do we cheer for our faves?  Let's take a look.

Perhaps the most interesting example of fans and different reasons is those proud screamers for Tiger Woods.  No question the best player in the world, but Tiger is cheered differently in specific areas, and by different people.  

Take my aunt, for a simple example.  She is a truly loving person; the kind of person that everyone around her believes that she wouldn't hurt a piece of dust on the floor. She probably would never call herself a sports fan on any poll, but she watches games every now and then (Thanksg...

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