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First off, I am going to put all of the cards on the table before this article.

I would just like to say that I went to the same high school as Brian Cushing. Take that for what it is worth. He graduated a year before I did. He played football, and I wrestled.

My freshman year, I was on the freshman team, and played a bit sophomore year, but I broke my wrist midway through summer camp. I was too small to ever be anything special in football, so I stepped away from the sport as a high school athlete.


New Changes in Weight, Training Room

I was at the school when Brian went from 165 to 225, the noted weights of Brian as a sophomore and junior in high school, respectively.

With that said, this was the same year a new weight room was installed into the school. The team used to train in a small shed-like room, and also under the bleachers.

These were hardly the circumstances one would want when they are training.

The newly assembled, million dollar wrestling room and weight room brought a certain amount of excitement to a school which prides itself on being one of the top overall schools in America in term...

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