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Fear has been around since the dawn of time.  The Bible teaches to fear God and love thy neighbor.  The mentally disturbed or socially destitute have also been around as long and longer as horses have been lowered onto royalty.  Fear of each other though is what drives schisms between communities.


Why do people commit disturbing behavior, which sometimes escalates to violence?  The answer to that riddle may lie in one of the earliest acts of violent yet romanticized psychosis: John Wilkes Booth.


A nationally famous actor in his day once named “Handsomest Man in America” which was then the equivalent of “Sexiest Man Alive.” 


Yet, Booth never received the acclaim he wanted as an actor, and thus, did the next best thing to gain respect and remembrance: Became a hero to the South by gunning down the President.  Problem solved. 


Heroes get remembered, and legends never die.  Beware the celebrities, Smalls, they are the most dangerous amongst us, and some will endeavor just for celebrification.  I guess, deep down, it really is not an honor just to be nominated for an engraved image made of gilded gold[1], and the chance to hold, “My precious!” [2] 


Inversely, the once castigated from society for wicked acts are now celebrified by the media.  Great minds are ignored as loons (or as “that asshole they once worked with”)  while those who induce fear are celebrated: Fear of failure, fear of meaninglessness, fear of not fitting in, fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of being un-hip, and on and on and on. 


How else would explain why someone would fall in love with Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez?  Am I also the only one who thinks “Where’s Caylee” sounds like, “Where’s my baby?”  Never mind the fact that media attention enables psychopathic behavior, blame something else.


To be fair, not every psycho killer sent their Letters to the Editor, some (like Jeffrey Dahmer) just wallowed in the empire of their mind until the Trojan horse known as the law broke down the mental walls they constructed to protect the justifications for their existence, and where of course, they were the last man standing.


Why do people seem attracted to horrific/disturbed behavior, and not inspirational behavior?  I suppose it is because, inspirational behavior is often voluntary[3], and of course, we all know what that means…community organizers!  Run! 


As Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin at the GOP convention made clear, community organizers are people to castigate and laugh at as worthless. 


In other words, Giuliani would like people to fear the events of Sept. 11, 2001…but if you volunteer in order to inspire as a means to evince fear induced by Sept. 11, 2001: You’re a bum! 


For of course, where would the GOP be without fear?  Fear, like sex, is what sells. 


Just ask Rupert Murdoch.  If not for the fear spread by the Murdoch owned New York Daily Post about the, “Son of Sam” murders in 1976, and 1977, then the New York Daily News would have likely gone bankrupt. 


Lesson learned.  Fear sells, so load up on guns. 


All of the religious on the right then (who bow-down to Fox as their counter to the evil of liberal media) can find solace in the fact that Rupert Murdoch directly profited from the murders of what was likely a Satanic cult, if not just a Satanic loner.  Here we are now…entertain us.


Through the years of crime after crime of kidnappings, hijackings, serial murders, suicide-bombers, threats of terror, terror, mass murders, cult suicides, “celebricide,”[4] sexually based crimes, all the journalists seem to believe is “we didn’t start the fire.” 


Meanwhile, the so-called religious amongst us, who claim to love God, yet fear thy neighbor.  Don’t work to bring a community together…fear those who don’t want to fight wars with all that is emblematic of sublimated fear: Terrorists! 


No one really knows who and where they are: just fight ‘em!  So play it again, Sam.  Keep perpetuating fear by fearing those who believe that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

[1] If there was a movie but no awards shows around to give awards: Would it still be a movie?

[2] Some however, should be thrown into the La Brea Tarpits.

[3] Unless you want to join the military and shoot down some guy you never met to gain your sense of pride.

[4] CELEBRICIDE: The murder of or the murder by a celebrity, which may or may not, receive a conviction.

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