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What Sport Do Ninjas Play? Sepak Takraw

By Eric Myer Mustin On November - 13 - 2009

The most common explanation of Sepak Takraw is just volleyball with feet. This is like saying hockey is just soccer on ice, or that squash is just tennis in a box.

Sepak Takraw more closely resembles volleyball with bicycle kicks. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “If I were a ninja, what sport would I play?”, well, you have your answer.

Don’t believe me? Watch this .

According to legend, Sepak Takraw was first played by a Hindu god and his gang of monkeys. Skateboarding has similar beginnings, since Tony Hawk is widely considered a Hindu god.

The game grew in popularity throughout Southeast Asia, transforming from an informal circular game resembling hacky sack into a team game more closely resembling volleyball. During this same time, Marco Polo made a cameo appearance, opium saw a small jump in popularity, and General Tso’s wife told him to make his own damn dinner.

Today there is an International Sepak Takraw Foundation, the King's Cup World Sepak Takraw Champio...

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