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For so many of us, we’ve had an athlete that has inspired some part of our life. They have impacted the way we play a sport, how we go about our daily lives and for some, even the decisions we make about our life and how we live it.

For me, Paul “Bear” Bryant is my inspiration. I know, typical of an Alabama fan, right?

However, Bryant being my inspiration has nothing to do with being an Alabama fan and everything to do with him being passionate about the sport he coached, the kids he influenced, and the people he loved. He didn’t back down, but instead persevered, and his records show that. He was an inspiration to many, regardless of their team affiliation, and he continues to be to this day.

There are a ton of athletes that people have to choose from to influence their lives. Babe Ruth was an influence to a lot of people when he was playing for the Yankees, Tim Tebow has influenced many during his time at Florida, and Joe Namath was an influence to people when he was playing for the Tide.

These people are our heroes in some ways. They are what we strive to be. They ar...

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