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Why Cheating Will Never Leave Sports

By Andrew Jordan On July - 29 - 2009

Throughout sports history, cheating has existed in every sport in some way, shape, or form, which has caused whatever sport it is to become damaged, sometimes permanently.

There are many different ways to cheat in sports, such as fixing games, placing bets on teams, lying about your age, and the biggest one of them all, taking performance enhancing substances.

Sports such as baseball, track and field, weightlifting, and cycling have all had major problems with performance enhancing substances in recent years. This has caused all of  these sports to all face major criticism from fans and the media.

Even athletes that are clean in sports such as Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt, and Michael Phelps have all been faced with criticism, as these athletes are accused by some of taking these performance enhancing substances, even though none of them have ever tested positive for these substances, and also tell people that they would never put these drugs into their bodies.

In the Olympics, people cheat for national glory such as Marion Jones and Ben Johnson, and because of this, the Olympics are more tarnished than any other sport with performance-e...

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