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Why College Football Is Better Than The NFL

By Chris Wilkinson On November - 10 - 2009

In the real world everybody has their own preference.  They like their burgers from one specific place.  They like shopping at one specific store.  They also like filling up their gas tank at one specific gas station.  The fact of the matter is in all three cases, more or less everything is the same except for price and service. 

Football between college and the NFL is the same way.  For the most part, they are the same.  The differences are what make college football better than the NFL.  I will give my own personal rundown, in no particular order as to why I think college ball is better than the NFL.

1.  College football has many different types of offenses while in the NFL, teams for the most part run the same.  What is the big game changer as of late; the Wildcat offense.  Guess what, once Miami started having success everybody turned copycat and have their own takes on it. 

In college football, things are different depending on the culture and team make-up.  You have teams like Syracuse running everything from the old I-formation option to some pro-style. 

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