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Why Do Professional Sports Continue To Disappoint Us?

By Bailey Brautigan On July - 22 - 2010

We are all guilty of it. Whether we are watching ESPN or reading articles on Bleacher Report, we always pay more attention to negative (or at least “negative-sounding”) stories.

Admit it. During an episode of SportsCenter , you secretly wish that Stuart Scott will just skip to the tab reading “Vick in Trouble Again.”

We immerse ourselves in negativity, and we wonder why athletes and teams continue to make disappointing moves. Like neglected children, they can only gain our attention by lashing out. Our sports figures have some serious behavioral problems, and we can only blame our own obsession with negative hype for the lack of positive role models in the sports world these days.

Take Bleacher Report as an example:

Just now, looking at our front page, seven articles contain headlines that are somehow negative. There are even more of these on the main NFL, MLB, and NBA pages (15, 13, and 15 consecutively). To put this into perspective, about 50 percent of the articles fit this mold.

Alex Rodriguez nears th...

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