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Why Tiger Woods Doesn’t Seem To Have Changed One Bit

By Michael Fitzpatrick On February - 18 - 2010

Despite an “indefinite leave” from golf (if you can even call it that), a possible stint in sex addiction rehab, and three months' worth of public humiliation, here are four reasons why Tiger Woods hasn’t changed a bit:


1. He Is Once Again Attempting To Control the Situation and the Media

The one single aspect of this entire ordeal that undoubtedly frustrated Woods more than anything else was that, for once in his life, he had no control over the media or his public image.

The story was out there, and news outlets—tabloid and mainstream alike—were off and running, and there was not a damn thing Woods could do about it.

Think he's learned a lesson?

Think again.

Woods' first action on his road to returning to professional golf is an attempt to wield complete control over the media and the information that is being distributed.

Woods will make a short statement in...

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