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Why Worry, Just Like It!

By antiMatter On July - 26 - 2009

When one leaves one's mind to its spontaneous course of action, but later reminisces on it in a rationalistic way, one would find no particular logic or order in the way the synapses fired.

Indeed our thought process has not been characterised. Perhaps it is completely random and beyond our reach, and perhaps it lends itself only to statistical analysis of data collected of objective actions. Perhaps it is chaotic and is deterministic, but an unpredictable determinism, and who knows, the fractional dimensional nature of the brain may someday be encompassed in a non-linear differential equation.

Whatever it is, this wondorous modus operandi gives us the characteristic of being rational beings who, though are capable of being logical, are also the ones who depend on enthymemes rather than syllogisms for most of their ends. In other words, we use intuition and insight, which are non-quantifiable entities, and which talk to us in terms of half-truths.

We are able to make decisions without seeing a line of reasoning to the end - we are capable of trusting ourselves on gut-feelings. We interpret the seeming randomness around us, which perhaps we do not have the ba...

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