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Yesterday, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick was released from federal custody after serving a sentence on dogfighting charges.

It's unclear what kind of penalties, if any, he will incur at the local and state levels, but many are still torn over whether or not Vick will play in the NFL again.

Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended the Virginia Tech alum indefinitely last summer, and now Vick's eligibility hinges on Goodell's impending verdict. No doubt Goodell will want to examine Vick to determine if he has truly changed.

But with training camp looming, Vick has tried to recondition himself for potentially playing again in 2009.

Should Vick get another opportunity to play football in the NFL?

My answer is yes.

This opinion is not so much based on his performances, but on the poor performances of other quarterbacks. If Vick can be at the level he was at early in his pro career, some teams might be calling his number before 2009 is over.

Quarterback is the most important position in all of sports, and usually teams that are lacking in that postion will seek out new quarterbacks to improve their overall game.

Vick ...

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