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Wrestling Wrecked my Body

By Russ Hartley On August - 27 - 2009

I woke up, lying in the middle of my school, with pain in my head and nothing in my stomach. I didn't wake up from a nap, I passed out in the pool room. I rolled over, staring at the ceiling, and at that moment I realized, this was the worst moment of my life.

I had just finished my daily weight cutting for my wrestling team. Today, I cut eight and one half pounds, the most I have ever lost in a day. I came into my freshman year at 5' 6'' and 120 lbs. with nine percent body fat.

At six percent body fat a person must go directly to the emergency room.

At the first practice I found out I would make varsity, and I was very excited to say the least. I was coming off a 14-4 record at my middle school, so I knew wrestling was one of my top sports.

You see, in middle school a wrestler weighs in about three times a year, well in high school its about three times a week. I soon found out that our team was missing a 112- pounder, and I soon found out that that 112-pounder would be me. 

Soon came the first meet and I thought I was ready. Fast forward to twenty minutes later when my coach was screaming at me for weighing in at 113.5 pou...

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