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WWE: Abandoning Most PPV Blu-Ray Releases Is a Mistake

By Ryan Aston On January - 23 - 2012

During a recent trip to BestBuy, I realized (as many fans have) that WWE seems to be releasing less of their pay-per-view events on the Blu-ray format here in the United States.

While they have continued to offer some of the major shows (i.e. WrestleMania) on the high-def format, as well as the "WWE: Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2011" Blu-ray disc set released last December, some of the secondary pay-per-views have yet to escape the standard-def clutches of DVD. 

For a company that has dominated home video sales in the sports category dating back to the VHS format, it strikes me as a puzzling decision given the strides Blu-ray has made over the past several years, not to mention the dwindling support for standard definition programming among television networks, cable/satellite providers and consumers.

PWInsider's Mike Johnson has stated that the decision was made Bleacher Report - Sports & Society
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