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“You’re So Vain”: When Celebration Exceeds Itself

By Erik Frenz On August - 5 - 2009

I cringed when Phil Jackson put on the “X” hat after his Los Angeles Lakers helped him hoist his record 10th trophy.

I sighed in disbelief as Roger Federer adorned his specially designed “15” sweater, adorned with golden numbering, as he held his gold plate at Wimbledon.

These acts of celebration take the very word to a whole new level and create a parade of pomp and circumstance, the center of which is a personal landmark.

In my mind, it has gone too far. Just minutes after Federer’s defeat of Andy Roddick, he put on the sweater. The second place finisher was right there watching. It’s one thing to be all about yourself; it’s something totally different when you throw it in your opponent’s face like a pie.

The same can be said for Jackson and his post-game antic. Not only was he wearing the hat, but it was a different color than the championship hats that the Lakers wore, which were dark gray.

Jackson stuck out like a pile of dog crap in a rose garden.

As ESPN Magazine's Rick Reilly said in his article on the same subject, “For a Zenmaster, it was very un-Zen...

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