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One of my biggest fears in coaching is NOT that I will be subject to intense scrutiny and/or criticism by my players' parents.

That just comes with the territory and I accept that as a part of the coaching role. It is human nature that parents would want what is best for their child and they have every right to question a Coach’s actions, instructional techniques and communication style.

If a parent ever has a question or a concern about how I, or my assistants, coach; I would absolutely welcome the opportunity to speak with them about it, to hopefully strengthen the lines of communication and trust.

Parent-Coaches need to stay fair and objective to ALL players. The development of each individual child has to be the bigger priority. I have played against many teams where the Parent-Coaches had over-used their own children, while neglecting the needs and development of the other players on the team. To me, that has always seemed incredibly unfair, particularly when some of the Coach’s children would be over used or over played to a point of injury or an endless amount of tears.

Win at all cost, right?

One of the nicest compliments that I ha...

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