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The 25 Most Talented Athlete Offspring

By Alan Rubenstein On September - 28 - 2010
In the last few years it seems as if the many of the best athletes are offspring of other outstanding athletes.  Bobby and Brett Hull from the unprecedented father-son combination of both being in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Ken Griffey Sr. and Gordie Howe were both able to play professionally with their sons and Archie, Payton and Eli Manning are all among the best quarterbacks in their franchise’s histories.  Producing an offspring has always been a key in determining who will be a great thoroughbred.  Will this become the future of professional athletics and become how scouts determine which ...

The 25 Biggest Scandals in NCAA History

By Alan Rubenstein On September - 20 - 2010
Cheating has been a part of collegiate sports from nearly the creation of the NCAA in the early part of the 20th century.Point Shaving scandals, athletes and/or their parents getting paid and coaches, administrators and schools that act as if the rules do not apply to them.Reggie Bush giving back his 2005 Heisman Trophy, the Pitino extortion trial and Virginia's Lacrosse tragedy are just the latest examples of scandals in the news. What are the worst college scandals of all-time?That could depend on your perspective.Begin Slideshow

50 Stars and Celebrities Spotted at The 2010 US Open

By Alan Rubenstein On September - 14 - 2010
The US Open has been the place to be in 2010.  Even with Andy Roddick losing in the second round and Serena Williams unable to play, celebrities from all walks of pop culture have shown up to watch the best tennis players on the planet compete in the final grand slam of the season.Despite other American Disappointments along the way, the stars still made their way to Flushing Meadows to watch the best tennis players in the World. Begin Slideshow

America’s Top Ten Sporting Events

By Alan Rubenstein On September - 2 - 2010
This is one of the most exciting times of the year in sports.  U.S. Open tennis and college football begin this week, and the NFL begins next weekend.  What are the biggest sporting events in the NFL every year? It can depend on your perspective and rooting interest.  These 10 are undeniably a major part of the American Sporting calendar every year.Begin Slideshow

The 25 Worst Athletic Performances in Entertainment

By Alan Rubenstein On August - 29 - 2010
Sports movies seem to play either on the sap of the athlete making an incredible comeback, a miraculous journey by a team or individual to a title or a romantic comedy.What is usually lost in casting is getting actors that are actually athletic.Seeing some of these performances on screen seem like a waste of time.Actors who can't run, catch, shoot or dribble or are just too old, short, or out of shape playing athletes make you wonder what the casting director was really thinking.  Begin Slideshow

The Baker’s Dozen of Little League World Series Alums

By Alan Rubenstein On August - 20 - 2010
The Little League World Series used to be a cute and summer rite of passage on the Wide World of Sports Calendar.  ESPN has turned it into another big tournament that sports fans can watch on what many refer to as the mothership.  The LLWS takes place over a ten days and they televise almost every game, sometimes two at a time. In most cases, this will be the highlight of these precocious 12 year olds lives.  But for some, it is just a another step in their journey to sports greatness.  Before embarking on successful career as professional and Olympic ...

The 25 Greatest Jewish Athletes of All-Time

By Alan Rubenstein On August - 15 - 2010
The recent discovery that Amare Stoudamire might be part Jewish has many members of the tribe excited to claim him as their own.  Although Stoudamire had proudly proclaimed his hebrew side, it remains to be seen just how Jewish he is.In the movie Airplane when one of the passengers asks for light reading, they are given a panflet about Jewish sports stars.  The truth is that Jews have been involved in sports as long as sports have been a popular pastime.Here is a list of athletes that have proven that being Jewish is not an obstacle to succeding on the ...

The Top 25 Minor League Promotions for 2010

By Alan Rubenstein On August - 4 - 2010
Minor League Baseball provides a great alternative to Major League Baseball. Minor league games provide a more intimate setting, more affordable tickets and a family friendly atmosphere. One of Minor League’s biggest attractions is the wacky and creative promotions are offered every year. Some offer opportunities to enjoy time with family, others feature tributes to pop culture, and many use extreme imagination to attract fans. Preening the list to 25 was tough. Some of the promotions left out included Cleveland Sports night for the Lake County Captains, a Cinco DeMayo Hangover night, Tiger Woods night, Spam ...

The Top 25 Out-of-Body Sports Experiences

By Alan Rubenstein On July - 29 - 2010
In the recently released movie Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Dominic Cobb is able to enter other dreams to extract information (basically). What if the ability to do that was real? Has this or could this happen in sports? Many times in sports we ask how did a certain athlete perform they way they did. History tells us it can be the star of the team, a key reserve, or a player that stepped up out of nowhere. These are all players that surprised us with their performances. These athletes exceeded expectations and had near out-of-body experiences, just like Cobb’s ability to enter dreams. These ...

The Ten Most Hated Teams in Sports

By Alan Rubenstein On July - 16 - 2010
The birth of modern free agency occurred when former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Curt Flood challenged the reserve clause restricting a players movement. The clause was upheld by the supreme court 5-3 in a lawsuit by flood against MLB and commissioner Bowie Kuhn. What has gotten lost in “The Decision” and LeBron James' decision to leave Cleveland for Miami is that he was free to go wherever he wanted after fulfilling the terms of his contract. His departure for Miami has caused a ripple effect on the Miami Heat and all of sports. Cleveland is burning his ...

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