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Asuncion, Paraguay—Ears of men all around the country perked up with excitement after hearing the news of sexy model Larissa Riquelme vowing to run naked through the streets if her home country Paraguay wins the 2010 World Cup. Begin Slideshow
Tiger Woods has been one of the most talked about sports figures of the past seven months—and not for his golf game. Recent reports state that Tiger's wife, Elin Woods, has made up her mind about divorce, and the two are working on finalizing the agreements at this time. Elin is pushing, and expecting, for $750 million from Tiger, along with his new $80 million mansion in Jupiter, Florida. As of yet, it's a for-sure thing. Woods and his soon to be ex-wife are working with their lawyers figuring out a custody agreement for the children. Elin wants their two children to spend more ...

Name Dropping: The 10 Worst Current NBA Nicknames

By Christopher Adams On June - 25 - 2010
Nicknames and NBA players go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most of them are dubbed by fellow NBA players, the media, coaches, or fans. Then there are the players who like to nickname themselves. Some are creative, distinguishing, and fitting. Others are funny and/or make no sense at all. Here is a list of the ten worst NBA nicknames for current players, in no particular order.Begin Slideshow
Every college football team has a rival; it's as though it is a rite of passage. Heated rivalries include an intensity that is not seen in other games, with the addition of hatred for the opposing team thrown into the mix. The rivalry between the Arizona State University and the University of Arizona Wildcats is as heated as they come, and not because of Arizona temperatures. "The Duel in the Desert"  is dated back to Thanksgiving Day of 1899, before Arizona was considered an official state. The then, Tempe Normal School, won the first rivalry game. Old recounts of the historic day ...

Pac-10 Expansion: Which School Has The Hottest Cheerleaders?

By Christopher Adams On June - 15 - 2010
The college football world has been dominated recently by conference realignment. With the Pac-16 idea dead, the conference still managed to pick up the University of Colorado, making an 11 team conference, for now anyways. So what does this mean? It's time to rank the new Pac-10's cheerleaders.Begin Slideshow

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