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Tiger Woods has been one of the most talked about sports figures of the past seven months—and not for his golf game.

Recent reports state that Tiger's wife, Elin Woods, has made up her mind about divorce, and the two are working on finalizing the agreements at this time.

Elin is pushing, and expecting, for $750 million from Tiger, along with his new $80 million mansion in Jupiter, Florida.

As of yet, it's a for-sure thing. Woods and his soon to be ex-wife are working with their lawyers figuring out a custody agreement for the children.

Elin wants their two children to spend more time with her in her home country of Sweden, while Tiger is pushing for the kids to spend more time in the United States with him.

Divorce was imminent for the couple. So the question remains: Will Tiger be able to focus more on his game once the divorce is finalized?

Golf is by far a mental game. Often people play to get away from the hassles of life, where everything is forgotten on the course.

This cannot be held true for Tiger. The man can't get away from everything, granted he brought it on himself, but how does he get back to the Tiger from one...

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