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Michael Vick Reinstated, But Untouchable

By Christopher Maher On July - 28 - 2009
I'm a dog lover. My rescue dog, a mix of black Lab and Rottweiler, is the most loving gentle giant I've ever had the honor of calling my best friend.  Nonetheless, Roger Goodell did the right thing in giving Michael Vick a limited reinstatement. As much as I would love to see my 110-pound dog clamp his jaws on Vick's testicles for his reprehensible actions, Vick has done the crime and done the time, and thus, paid his debt to society according to our court system. Goodell did the right thing in terms of it being the smart thing. Sometimes, the toll on ...

How a Northern Liberal Embraced NASCAR

By Christopher Maher On July - 10 - 2009
Once, I held NASCAR in only slightly lower contempt than I had for professional wrestling. Third-generation rednecks running around in circles driving rolling billboards, getting in fights after races, wasting precious fossil fuel and observing beer-fueled fans treat it like professional wrestling, complete with its soap opera story lines. I've come around, and become a fan.  In childhood, I remember Richard Petty driving like a maniac, and thinking "How cool!" Then, puberty, adolescence and early adulthood took over, and knowing who I was and what I stood for, I knew I could never get a grip on NASCAR. But, one year in the early part ...

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