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Somehow I am going to try to tie-in Sister Hazel, the World Cup, and a story about a neighbor’s late night leak (and the maintenance man that came to fix it). Let me begin with a band named Sister Hazel. Every time a new Hazel album comes out, I honestly feel like a little kid at Christmas. Seriously—just ask my wife. They recently released a trio of songs on an EP entitled “Threeve” to tide over Hazelnuts until the band’s October 2010 new full length album. Great freaking EP, by the way. Go pick up their last few albums if you haven’t heard them in a ...
When is Major League Baseball going to learn to have some morals and values? It starts—and ends—at the top. And that means commissioner Bud Selig. He’s old and in charge. He wants to let the world know—and he’s too freaking stubborn to make one single change to America’s Pastime. Like it or not, commissioner Selig, we live in the year 2010. We live in a world with social networking, instant messaging, and texts. We live in a world with instant replay. When, oh when, is MLB going to wake up and face reality? You would think screwing a kid out of perfect game would change Selig’s mind ...
It may just be a preparatory school, and it may just be Bryan, Texas, but the hiring of former Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss—the man that put the Bears men’s hoops team in the dump for five years prior to Scott Drew resurrecting the program—as Allen Academy's new head coach begs just one major question. Is Bliss’ hiring a wise decision? First and foremost, let’s look at the facts that led to Bliss’ resignation at Baylor in 2003, and more importantly (and sadly), the death of a former player, and the ensuing attempted cover-up by the man that is now the new ...

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