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When is Major League Baseball going to learn to have some morals and values?

It starts—and ends—at the top. And that means commissioner Bud Selig.

He’s old and in charge. He wants to let the world know—and he’s too freaking stubborn to make one single change to America’s Pastime.

Like it or not, commissioner Selig, we live in the year 2010.

We live in a world with social networking, instant messaging, and texts.

We live in a world with instant replay.

When, oh when, is MLB going to wake up and face reality?

You would think screwing a kid out of perfect game would change Selig’s mind on the whole instant replay issue.

You would think a 60-year-old umpire in tears may just strike the heart strings of Selig.

You would think Selig would have some sense to at least consider the notion of change.

Obviously not.

Change scares many people; and it’s a tough issue to deal with. But it’s something NCAA Football is currently dealing with—especially in regards to the Big 12, Pac-10, and Big Ten—as expansion talks are the focal point of water-cooler co...

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