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SAN DIEGO—B/R writer Eric Gomez was searching for an article idea, when inspiration suddenly struck. "I decided to do a Power Ranking article for the top 20 tennis players in the WTA," says Gomez, who decided to utilize Bleacher Report's innovative and popular slideshow article option. Within minutes of publication, his article reached an astounding 200,000 reads, but inexplicably garnered only a handful of comments. "People weren't quite as vocal about the article as I hoped, but I guess they just agreed with my assessments completely," Gomez pondered, adding, "I never realized there were so many tennis fans on B/R, though." Especially impressed with ...
I've often wondered why talk radio is a medium that is almost completely dominated by two topics: sports, and politics.   People talk about a lot of stuff everyday, and lord knows that every other venue of mass communication isn't limited to those two topics.   Television, the Internet, and print media boast a variety of entertainment options for their viewers and readers, unless you're watching a serial drama, in which case your slices of life include the life of a lawyer, the life of a doctor, or the life of a police officer or any combination therein.   (I'm thinking of pitching a show about ...

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