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EA Sports has the Cincinnati Bengals winning the game over the Cleveland Browns 30-14 in Madden 2011 simulations.  While Bengal Nation would love to bank on virtual reality, the reality that is real says much more.With the Bengals coach enforcing the "cone of silence," the Bengals had a few tell tale signs that while there is frustration, there is cohesion — the glue that holds teams together.(Photography courtesy of The Associated Press; Getty Images; Bengals.com; Browns.com; NFL.com; Yahoo.com)Begin Slideshow
Food is the love second nature to the event that occurs—that is the actual event labelled 'sport.'   Nothing satisfies the fan's craving more than the food that motivates the appetite. If it is the greasy goodness of a fast food joint or the sophisticated tenure of the pre-madonna (sorry, A-Rod) higher than thou cuisine—the food experience of a sporting event rivals the event itself. As such, the following is an inspired result of premium cable, Internet, and general artery clogging result of consolidated fatty goodness certain to satisfy the tailgating fan's salivating goodness. (Photography & Content courtesy of: AskMen.com; Detroittailgate.com; TailgatingIdeas.com; Tailgatingtimes.com; Teenagegluster.blogspot.com; MrSportsTravel.com; Razzledazzlerecipes.com; InsideTailgating.com)Begin ...

20 Sports Teams We’d Like To Ban

By Ezri Silver On July - 10 - 2010
In the spirit of the Nigerian president, who in the spirit of (and predecessor to) the owner of Cleveland Cavaliers (a.k.a. Dan Gilbert), went wild like a loose cannon and temporarily banned the national world football (a.k.a. soccer) team, we present to you a completely arbitrary satirical list of teams to be banned for various subjective reasons.Begin Slideshow

The 10 Hottest Beauty Pageant WAGs of All Time

By Ezri Silver On July - 5 - 2010
Professional athletes are creatures of achievement and excellence. They seek to achieve and associate with the highest levels where the most exposure is achieved. Beauty pageant contestants are similar creatures of habit. These lithe beauties showcase their wares. Exposure is not a problem, too much in some contests may derail a career, but just enough concealment inspires many dreams.... Some athletes have made our dream girls their realities. Here we will explore the top ten beauty pageant contestants who have dated, married, or otherwise "engaged" a professional athlete. Sometimes an athlete's greatest achievement is who he knows not what ...

FIFA World Cup 2010: WAGs and Hot Fans of Group A

By Ezri Silver On June - 22 - 2010
WAGs are diamonds in the rough. The lottery of being a professional athlete is only trumped by the lottery victory of the WAG that goes along with the salary. Welcome to the world sport where the perk is the partner. Group A has certainly given us some drama this World Cup. The French hate their coach and one of the best French players is back in Paris. Meanwhile, the South African hosts are being gracious in that they are laying out the welcome mat and being walked over (let's hope they keep their girlfriends better than ...
The Pac-10 and the Big 12 may not be getting a blockbuster merger, but there is clear competition for who has the hottest fans. Sometimes just looking is not enough.Begin Slideshow

Kung Fu Bear and 10 Superstar Sports Animals

By Ezri Silver On June - 5 - 2010
"It's a bird and a plane?" Animals are amazing as pets and as parts of our world. Rarely does one find an animal that reaches beyond the mystery of the zoo, but when one does—with the strengths of a human athlete—many flock to see the amazing and astounding animal athletes. While many are found in training, those animals which are caught performing sport-like activities without training are treasured with amazement in as much as the man hit in the groin with a baseball is laughed at. The following are a compendium of both trained and untrained amazing animals for your amusement ...
"What you talkin' 'bout Willis?" With the death of Gary Coleman—arguably the most successful of the stars of the '80s TV show, Diff'rent Strokes (because he did not indulge in enough drugs, sexual deviance, or the gamut of other extra-curricular activities known to his cohorts)—we remember Gary (those of us which even are old enough to remember the show) with names from present, past, and future. Here are the ground rules for inclusion in this hall of shame presentation: 1. You can be famous as an adult and can be a professional but ended up failing in real life. 2. Drugs, crime, ...

The Top 15 Most Successful Streakers in Sports History

By Ezri Silver On May - 24 - 2010
"We're going streaking!," with those immortal words, Frank the Tank revealed to the world what most already know—a pastime within a pastime—streaking. Be it England or Estonia, America or Australia, Canada or Cameroon, one universal theme of sport which can occur within the venue of another sport is the true international phenomena known as streaking. Underdeveloped nations, developed nations, despotic nations all have their revelers in this class of person (athlete if you will) in a class all of their own. Balanced on a mixture of insanity and inebriation, fans of all sports—be it baseball, basketball, cricket, football, rugby, soccer (football ...
When I came to New York 10 years ago, there were several beliefs I held constantly prior to becoming a "New Yorker": 1. Root for the home team. 2. If the home team doesn't make it, root for the division team. 3. If the division team doesn't make it, root for the league/conference team. Then came New York. The real Mets fans (those with passion) hate the Yankees and the real Yankees fans (those with passion) hate the Mets. Same for the Jets and Giants. Jets fans are usually Mets fans and Yankees fans are usually Giants fans. Any other combinations and you are a dysfunctional ...

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