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I Spent $400 To Watch the Meaningless USA Soccer Game

By Favre Footlongs On June - 24 - 2010
While many of you were getting ready to watch the USA vs. Algeria soccer game, I was standing in the heat, waiting for a cab to pick me up from a local auto shop.  I didn't plan on being there; I actually didn't think there was any chance I'd get to watch the group deciding game, but somehow, 400 bucks later, I was able to. My fortunate misfortune actually started on Tuesday night.  I drove home from work, parked, and ran inside to grab my checkbook as I was going to go open a checking account nearby. I just moved to Hartford, ...

Pay-Per-View Is a Dying Sport

By Favre Footlongs On June - 22 - 2010
Pay-per-view used to be a special thing. I remember back in the early 90's when I was seven or eight years old and all I wanted to see was a WWF pay-per-view.  Back then, it was a privilege if you got a chance to witness one. Those were the days when the biggest televisions most families had were 27" and if you knew someone with a big screen that was over 40" then you were in heaven. The big screens weighed about 150 lbs. and consisted of huge wooden base about the size of a large credenza. Fortunately for me, I not only ...

My Blogs With Balls Experience: Not Much of a Fan (boy)

By Favre Footlongs On June - 7 - 2010
Last Friday I left Erie, Pennsylvania at 9:00am and got ready to drive 450 miles on I-90 West to Chicago,IL for my first Blogs with Balls. Unfortunately, it will probably be my last. For anyone who doesn't know what Blogs with Balls is, it's a national conference where sports bloggers convene to listen to and ask questions to a group of experts that are designated a specific topic for their panel. This was the third Blogs with Balls conference and this time around the topics featured were: - Going Local: Evolution of the Local Sports Media Market in the Digital Age - Today’s ...

Top 10 “Don’t Get Your Hopes” Up in Sports

By Favre Footlongs On May - 27 - 2010
Lately it seems that sports fans are mesmerized by the "it could happen to us" motto. I don't blame you. With the miracle 3-0 comeback by the Philadelphia Flyers against the Boston Bruins, as well as other surprising upsets and comebacks throughout the NBA playoffs, what are we supposed to think? I'm here to help all of you with your false hopes and dreams. There's no need to have you hanging on the edge of your seat only to see your dreams shattered and your face full of tears. Here's the top 10 "don't get your hopes up" scenarios in sports: 10) ...

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