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Of all the cheap gin joints in the NFL, that drunken buffoon had to run onto Mike Curtis’s.   I think of Curtis, the half-man, half-linebacker, half-Tasmanian Devil of the NFL from 1965-78, whenever I read or hear of some loony who runs onto the field of play in pro sports.   Yeah, I know I assigned three halves to Curtis. If anyone was one-and-a-half of anything, it was Mike Curtis, who flattened an alcohol-soaked moron into a pancake in Baltimore back in 1971.   Curtis came to mind as I read of that lovely cesspool of rotten fans, Philadelphia, which was in the news ...
No one will ever know if the members of the Trenton Trojans boys hockey team would have completed the comeback that night. But momentum was on their side. A three-goal deficit had been erased. Their building was thumping with noise. Then, just like that, it became eerily quiet. “I knew I was in pain, like full body pain,” Kurt LaTarte said as he recalled the moment. “But no one knew how bad it was until I went back to the bench and the trainer looked under my chin. “His eyes got real wide, and the last thing I remember was seeing a lot of ...

2009: The Best (and Worst) of a B/R Columnist

By Greg Eno On January - 2 - 2010
Happy New Year! 2009 was chock full of plenty of reasons why a sportswriter could be as wrong as could be, or as right as rain. Time once again to look back on the previous year and see what clippings appeared beside my name---and how accurate, wrong, or prophetic (or not) I turned out to be... Begin Slideshow

This Is What I’m Thankful For….

By Greg Eno On November - 25 - 2009
Time to give thanks. I suppose I can muster up the will to do that. It's only once a year, after all. So, here goes... I'm thankful for Army-Navy, even though I never watch it. I'm thankful for Brandon Inge. I'm thankful that a football is shaped the way it is, because you never know how it's going to bounce. Other balls are so predictable. I'm thankful for outdoor stadiums. I'm thankful for the mute button. I'm thankful for the Original Six. I'm thankful for left-handed golfers because they look so cool. ...

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