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Remember the last words of the movie “The Blind Side”, where Sandra Bullock’s character thanks Lawrence Taylor for destroying Joe Theisman’s career? Well, there are two more people who should be thanking him: Tiger Woods and Ben Roethlisberger. The past year has been tumultuous for all three superstars, and while Woods and Roethlisberger are in the midst of championship careers, Taylor’s foray into Hooker Land has seemingly tempered the frenzy that has surrounded both men. Granted, the saving grace with LT is that he thought that the girl he was supposedly raping was 19 years ...
It’s no secret that the most prized position in the NFL is quarterback. The St. Louis Rams are going to spend $50 million of guaranteed money on Sam Bradford, even though he’s coming off a season marred by a season-ending injury and surgery to his throwing arm. Last year, the Detroit Lions had to do the same thing with Matthew Stafford. In fact, just thinking about how much money the NFL spends on quarterbacks is nauseating. That’s why padding those investments with a strong offensive-tackle is more of a priority than giving him a ...
They say that raising children is hard, but I’m sure whomever “they” are never had to deal with the internet, web cams, chat rooms, camera phones, text messages, and prowling sex offenders. Oh sure they had those “bad boys” but the landscape of being an overprotective father has changed. The advice for boys is simple – just keep them away from the pope. The newest debacle with Tiger Woods has his 22-year old neighbor coming out to point the finger. Great. This is exactly why I moved out of my parents’ house when the neighbors’ daughters started walking. When it comes ...

The 50 Sexiest MMA Girls

By Greg Riot On March - 25 - 2010
A taste of things to come. In my personal opinion there is no one hotter in our out of the cage than the girls of MMA. That’s right, I said it, and you can quote me on it. Some of these girls REALLY get down, and I mean in a ground and pound kind of way. After looking at these lovely ladies you will see what I mean. With UFC 111 coming up I decided to heat things up in the right way by starting out with three Octagon Girls currently hired by the ...
Pro boxing lovers everywhere will be treated to a prime time bout that could potentially turn out to be the best fight of the year when Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao and Joshua "Grand Master" Clottey square off in a 12-round WBO welterweight title bout at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday at 10 PM ET. Manny Pacquiao (50-3-0, 38 KOs) Joshua Clottey (35-3-0, 20 KOs) Fight Odds Provided by BetUS.com Manny Pacquiao -700 Joshua Clottey +450 While the overall state of professional boxing has clearly taken a backseat to the ...
Not only is the boxing public not supporting Joshua Clottey in his quest to capture the WBO welterweight title from Manny Pacquiao, but his own government isn't lending him a hand either. In an odd turn of events, Clottey's trainer Godwin Dzanie Kotey and assistant trainer Daniel Clottey have been denied a visa to enter the United States by the Ghanaian government. “Tell Ghana that they've disappointed me,” said Clottey to Filipino reporters earlier in the week. For the earlier portion of his training camp, Clottey, who is nearly a 5-1 underdog on betting lines offered by ...

The Top 10 Worst Sucker Punches In Sports

By Greg Riot On March - 5 - 2010
Remember when Elizabeth Lambert yanked another girl down by the ponytail during a BYU-New Mexico game and the whole world went up in arms because women were (OMG!) fighting in sports? Well now Brittney Griner has upped the ante after her chicanery during a basketball game. Griner now joins a list of idiots who decided to drop all sense of reason and take matters in to their own hands.Begin Slideshow
By now there’s no question that you’ve heard of Kevin Durant. As the star of Kobe Bryant fades over the next three years, we as basketball fans thankfully don’t have to search high and low for LeBron’s biggest threat. He already lives and breathes for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The question for the 2009-10 NBA basketball betting season is whether Durant has done enough this season to usurp LeBron from his MVP throne. The reason Durant is even being mentioned in the conversation is because he was chasing Michael Jordan for the most consecutive ...

Star Power: A WAG for Every Month

By Greg Riot On March - 2 - 2010
When the Winter Olympics arrived we gave all our attention to the Olympic hotties and left out some key people that helped make Bleacher Report what it is today out in the cold; the WAG’s. To ensure that doesn’t happen during March Madness I’ve decided to kick off March  the right way and have compiled a list of 12 WAGs, each matching a unique Zodiac sign. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow

Top 20 Hottest World Cup Body Painted Pics

By Greg Riot On February - 26 - 2010
With the World Cup set to kick off in July, why wait until then to start ranking the teams? And by ranking, we’re obviously not talking about the action on the field. You can find the World Cup Power Rankings here. Instead, we’re talking about the women behind the men in uniform. We’re talking about the most beautiful women that the soccer world has to offer. Begin Slideshow

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