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Most of us relish the spectacle of college football on crisp Saturday afternoons, sitting in the stands at a mammoth football stadium in the heart of the Big Ten or the SEC.We love the marching bands, the half-time entertainment and the spontaneous camaraderie in the stands.On game day, whether Division I or II, or III, college football remains as much a part of post-secondary academia as libraries, classrooms and puny-sized dorm rooms.It comes from our rich heritage—the love we have for our respective alma mater. All this enhanced by football hoopla, beer foam, and online bets with bookies. These incentives—along ...
Charles Darwin must have been imagining the Super Bowl when he devised his theory on survival of the fittest. Only the strong make it to the finish line, and only the most fearless claw their way to the top, reigning over inferiors.  The most colorful, the most aggressive, and the most boastful are the ones we wish to follow as fans. They are special, attracting attention for their bravura. That, in part, explains why we are irresistibly attracted to bad behavior from the bad boys and girls on the playing fields, the ice, the tennis courts, and the golf courses. They are ...

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