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The Sports Science of Stirring the Pot

By Glenn Card On August - 10 - 2009

So, here is a damn good question: How is it that when it comes to an implied affront to my sports or favorite teams I am reduced to a blithering Neanderthal?

Those are the guys that went extinct and did not end up being our ancestors.

What is it in the Homo sapiens' psyche that allows some of us to just lose our minds when it comes to sports?

First and foremost I would venture to say that it has to do with our social community; part of our mental link to the region where we grew up, or that in which we live and find ourselves most comfortable in our associations.

In other cases our admiration for a sport, team, or player may be strictly predicated on our personal affinity for the same. It could be attributed to our childhood pursuit of that sport, the glory and history of a team or the personal connection to a player.

The point being is there is a lot of psychology involved with the human condition and our love of sports.

In my own estimation, I am fairly educated, both formally and through life-long learning. I don’t have a degree in psychology or psychiatry. What I do have is an innate talent to stir the emotions of a sports fan'...

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