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How Unbreakable Are Sports Most Unbreakable Records?

By Jesse Dorsey On April - 1 - 2010
Let's face it. Even though records are made to be broken, there are many records out there that are unbreakable. The greatest records in the books have been labeled "unbreakable." But obviously, not all are unbreakable, they are just on different levels of unbreakability. So without further ado, I shall now present the levels of unbreakability that, I'm sure, will be hotly contested. Note: I have excluded all dead-ball era career numbers. That is a level of unbreakability that no current baseball player could match. Nobody is getting 511 wins (Cy Young) or throwing 110 shutouts (Walter Johnson)...ever.   The Could-Happen-In-Your-Lifetime Unbreakables Nolan ...

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