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The recent court ruling allowing Ed O’Bannon to move forward with his lawsuit regarding the use of his image in a video game should be of interest to all fans of college sports.

A U.S. District Judge recently gave the former U.C.L.A. basketball player a victory over the NCAA in their efforts to have the class-action action suit dropped.

At issue in this particular lawsuit is the use of players’ images in video games.

While the names may have been removed, there is growing sentiment among players that the digital players on the field and court of EA Sports' football and basketball video games look similar to them.

As a result a handful of former players have filed lawsuits against the NCAA and EA. O’Bannon’s suit is the first to successfully pry into the NCAA financial records during the discovery process.

When the lawyers working for O’Bannon finish peeling through the layers of the NCAA, a picture should emerge depicting how th...

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