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Gay Pride.

Coming soon to an NFL stadium near you.  

That's right, folks.

I will be very surprised if an active NFL player does not come out either this year or next.

Will the NFL accept him with open arms, you may ask?

You bet your ___ it will.


It's all about doing the right thing, money, and the NFL taking a leadership role for all of sports as we roll into the second decade of the 21st century.

Thus far, only three NFL players total have come out after they have left the game.

Here's the list:

RB Ron Kopay, who came out after he retired in 1977.

OL Roy Simmons came out in 1992.

DL Esera Tualo came out in 2002.

My rationale for an active gay player to come out in the next year or two?


New Technologies 

Twitter and uStream are creating a closer look into the lives of NFL players. It will become increasingly difficult to keep the veil of secrecy over the NFL.


Money/Marketing Strategy

It's a win-w...

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