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Today marks Duke basketball’s first Final Four appearance since 2004. There has been a good amount of talk recently regarding how Duke may have “saved” the Final Four from a ratings standpoint. Indeed, Duke has one of the largest fanbases nationally of any college basketball team and will thus be a big draw for CBS. However, CBS will see a true spike in the ratings from the legions of fans rooting against Duke. Honestly, why shouldn’t you be one of them? Why would anyone want to see this band of overhyped elitist brats from Durham win anything? It’s not as if ...
The following was written in December 2008 for a class I took at Duke during my senior year called "Anthropology of Sports." Thousands of miles away from Corvallis, Oregon, where the latest edition of the Civil War football game between Oregon and Oregon State was taking place, I sat in front of my TV pondering why that rivalry had been dubbed the “Civil War.” As I laughed to myself over how the phrase “civil war” was an oxymoron, I wondered why the term had been applied to the game between the Ducks and Beavers, and not another rivalry. Of course, I ...

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