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The Top 25 MLB WAG Trades

By K. D. James On August - 5 - 2010
As a kid, it was a joy to either collect or trade a Topps (or Fleer, or Upperdeck) baseball card by yourself or with friends. In that pastime, you crammed over stats for days, admired a handful of special players, and later stored some of those timeless pieces away—until that one special day when you find a mint-condition, "white" Sammy Sosa card worth millions of dollars. With the recent MLB trade deadline that just passed in mind, what if you had a hand in dealing with something more exciting than Roy Oswalt going to the Phillies, or Lance Berkman going to the ...

The 10 Worst Career Moves in Sports History

By K. D. James On May - 27 - 2010
Of course you have your GREAT career moves in sports history, like when Alex Rodriguez decided to leave the Rangers for the money, fame, pinstripes (and Madge, naturally). Or when Shaq left Disney World to bring dynasty and drama along with former teammate Kobe Bryant in LaLa Land from the late '90s to the early aughts. But as much as you try to suppress the sobering images of other sports icons who made "what-the-heck!?" career choices into the "delete!" neurons of your brains, I'm going to rehash the sore points. Remember when His Airness Michael Jordan and The Great One Wayne ...

‘Twas the Year In Review: A Poetic Recap of Sports in 2009

By K. D. James On December - 23 - 2009
Note: I’m loosely taking a page from Clement Clarke Moore’s famous Twas the Night Before Christmas poem to give a 2009 year-in-review look at sports.   ’Twas the night before Christmas, when Tiger got defanged, By TMZ and Elin, mistresses and Y. E. Yang. He swung hard in four majors and won nary this year, With shame and fewer sponsors and a family to repair.   The Yankees got all cozy in their new Bronx confines, Won their 27th Series and again played sublime. Over the Phillies of Philly, they struck with their might And Rivera, CC, and Jeter were all stars and fall knights.   In the NBA, some sought ...

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