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The Top 25 MLB WAG Trades

By K. D. James On August - 5 - 2010

As a kid, it was a joy to either collect or trade a Topps (or Fleer, or Upperdeck) baseball card by yourself or with friends.

In that pastime, you crammed over stats for days, admired a handful of special players, and later stored some of those timeless pieces away—until that one special day when you find a mint-condition, "white" Sammy Sosa card worth millions of dollars.

With the recent MLB trade deadline that just passed in mind, what if you had a hand in dealing with something more exciting than Roy Oswalt going to the Phillies, or Lance Berkman going to the Yanks?

What if you're able to do the same thing with undeserving baseball players' hot wives and switch them with MLB studs' OK wives?

It's not as mind-bending a concept as say, stealing dreams as in the box-office hit "Inception," but what a concept, huh?

Enjoy the following top 25 MLB WAG trades as much as you did for those late-July moves executed!

*Mucho thanks to Thomas Delatte, Stacey Mickles and Tim Wood for their help with this project.*

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